Pilates Room Berkhamsted offers reformer classes and full equipment classes. We have private classes, duet classes and small groups. These Pilates classes increase core strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, mindfulness, body awareness, recovery and alignment.

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Our home based Pilates studio is a light, open space offering a retreat with a supported environment to help you connect the body and mind. The studio offers reformer classes and studio sessions that give you access to all the Pilates large equipment. Our signature reformer classes offer 3 levels of ability ranging from beginners to advanced movers, these classes are small and you will benefit from a high level of attention to detail.

Fundamentals Reformer
Beginners to veterans! This class offers core strength, alignment, control, flexibility and balance.
Intermediate Reformer
This class is only suitable for clients that have already taken a minimum of 10 reformer classes. Challenging classes that focus on strength, control, flexibility and full body movements.
Advanced Reformer
This class is only suitable for clients that have practised reformer Pilates to an advanced level. Very challenging classes with focus on moving fluidly with strength and control. No muscle is left behind.


3 classes | Small groups | Great for beginners

3 classes | Small groups | Great for beginners

1:2 duet classes

Duet reformer classes to fine tune the body with hands on attention to detail. This develops strength, posture, full body flow with the support of the reformer.

Available in 1, 5 & 10 class packs.

1:1 private classes

Private classes that use all the large equipment on offer with a personalised program to help to transform and feel more connected.

Available in 1, 5 & 10 class packs.

1:3 trio classes

Small group classes that are fun, challenging and work you from the inside out. Following the classical repertoire that builds overall strength and frees up tension.

Available in 1, 5 & 10 class packs.

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”

Class Pricing

private classes

1 Class | £68
5 Pack | £300
10 Pack | £550

duet classes

1 Class | £35
5 Pack | £160
10 Pack | £300

trio classes

1 Class | £30
5 Pack | £140
10 Pack | £260

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Our Teachers

“Above all learn to breathe correctly”

Becca Peebles

Hi, I’m Becca. Welcome to The Pilates Room Berkhamsted! With over a decade of experience, I’m here to help you discover the transformative power of Pilates.

I founded our studio after discovering Pilates in 2009 to address my own postural issues. I trained extensively, completing Alan Herdman’s course in London in 2012. After training, Alan offered me a job at his flagship studio, where I gained valuable experience. Since then, I’ve taught at various local studios, continually enhancing my skills.

My teaching style is both challenging and supportive, designed to build strength, flexibility, and balance, while also improving mental wellbeing. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, my classes cater to all levels.

I believe Pilates can profoundly enhance your quality of life, from supporting pregnancy to improving posture and relieving pain. Pilates has the power to transform both body and mind.


Hi!  Im Janet.  I’ve been teaching Pilates since 2001 having discovered it as a client the year before. 

I have trained with Polestar, Stott, Fletcher and Balanced Body and continue to add to my knowledge with other training. 

I work with up to 3 clients at a time teaching each individually according to what they need. 

I love the Pilates equipment and the variety and support it offers to every client.

Our Teachers

“Above all learn to breathe correctly”

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“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60 you are young”


Here at the Pilates Room Berkhamsted we are committed to empowering clients to be the best version of themselves with our Pilates classes, with a highly intuitive level of attention to detail that helps to support strength, vitality, posture and improved mobility. Our mission is to help add longevity to life with a nurtured spine and a feeling of connectedness within our positive community.

We believe that Pilates can future proof your body and elevate your wellbeing to achieve a full and happy life.

“Our promise to our clients is to provide individualised classes that give your body and mind an inner strength. Your body will feel all the little muscles waking up to support the way you move and hold yourself while adding momentum to positive change both physically and mentally.”


I’ve spent my entire 20s and 30s meaning to start Pilates but never quite making the time for it. With an aching back, tight hips and recurrent niggling running injuries I decided I need something that would nourish, support and strengthen my 40yr old body rather than wear it out. I have found Pilates more challenging than I ever anticipated and under Becca’s attentive and expert guidance have found muscles I didn’t know existed. I leave class with a satisfying muscle hum and at least a couple of inches taller: not least because I have aligned and strengthened my spine and core again but also being held, listened to and encouraged so positively for an hour leaves me feeling like I can take on the universe! I am loving my new posture, my abs, my strength and having taken so long to truly discover its power I don’t foresee I’ll ever be giving up my practice. I only wish I had realised this 20yrs ago!



I didn’t know it was possible for a pilates instructor to bring the benefits that Becca has brought to my life. We’ve laughed, I’ve cried (in a good way!), she’s nurtured and guided. My body (and mind) are in a completely different space from where I was 9 months ago. Becca is so talented at what she does, always correcting even the smallest misalignment and gently pushing you to a level which leaves you feeling so proud of what you have achieved. She brings such passion and energy to each class and the studio is a haven of tranquillity. She is clearly a master of her skill, but she is so much more than that. I'm just grateful to benefit from her teachings. The world needs more Becca's!


I have been going to Pilates with Becca for 2 years now. She is honestly an amazing teacher she can tell instantly if you are using the correct muscles and if your form is correct. I have noticed a huge difference in my posture and general being since seeing Becca weekly. I feel instantly at ease when I walk into the studio and it feels like a lovely warm and safe space. I look forward to my class with her and feel so much better when I leave. She has helped me find muscles I never thought I would after countless operations. She is such a talent and I feel blessed to have her as my Pilates teacher.


Becca is the best! I really love her teaching style. I have learnt the importance of the mind body connection and using it as a way to strengthen my practice and switch off from the outside world. She has a fantastic knowledge of the human body and has helped me recover from running injuries, neck and back pain. Thanks to Becca's classes I am fitter, stronger and more resilient than ever


The Pilates Room at Northchurch Common is beautifully equipped, providing ample room for the Pilates sessions.Janet R ( our superb teacher) excels at helping us individually to improve our mobility and strength.She motivates us and we all feel better after each session- not only physically, but also mentally. Janet you are a very talented treasure !!!
Liesbeth Savage


I find that a weekly session with Janet in her pilates class helps to keep me fit and actively. She is so knowledgeable and always knows what to do to ease a problem or to prevent a niggle from becoming a problem. Working with Janet has been an important part of my recovery after breaking my hip. Everything is gentle but purposeful and I really feel the benefit of all that we do. I wish that I could go to several classes a week and certainly feel bereft when I have to miss a session. The studio is spacious, light and well equipped and all Janet's other pupils are lovely. What's not to like. Well worth every penny!


Becca Peebles | 07786 776937


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