Our services

Our Services

Our home based studio is a light airy space offering a retreat and supported environment to help you connect the mind and body. The studio has a trapeze table, two reformers, a chair, arcs and small equipment.

1:1 Private Classes

Use all the large equipment on offer with a personalised program to help to transform and feel more connected.

£250 for 5 classes - £50 per class

1:3 Small Group Classes

Fun, challenging and work you from the inside out. Following the classical repertoire that builds overall strength and frees up tension.

£125 for 5 classes £25 per class per person

1:2 Duet Reformer Classes

Fine tune the body with hands on attention to detail. This develops strength, posture, full body flow with the support of the reformer.

£135 for 5 classes- £27 per class per person

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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”